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Aligning companies and individuals on financial literacy and inclusive engagement

The Engagement Appeal (‘TEA’) are on a mission to make investing accessible, fairer, better and sustainable for all. By centralising all of the information and solutions for aligning companies and individuals we hope to move towards a more democratic investor relationship.

A New Dialogue is Needed on Investment to Benefit Retail Investors

Following the recent Labour government victory, TEA is calling on the new administration to support retail investors.

TEA Salon - Introducing our Classical Arts Ambassador, Alina Rybina, international soprano

Join us for our first TEA Salon event: ‘Arias with Alina’ – an enchanting afternoon of tea, infused with live classical music and discussions on the 2024 AGM season thus far.

UK ISA Consultation: TEA Advocates for Investor Engagement

At the Spring Budget, back in March 2024, the government announced the introduction of the UK ISA.

The long-time AGM dream

Learn more about the journey that Sheryl and The Engagement Appeal – TEA are taking ✨


Finglitz Human Impact Report

Dive into the minds of UK investors in the first research paper from our brand-new financial education platform, FinGlitz!

The British ISA

Smart up on the Government’s plan for the UK ISA with TEA’s Education Ambassador, 23 year-old Southwark Labour Councillor and original Stormzy Scholar, Joseph Vambe.

Announcing FinGlitz

TEA’s ✨️Glitzier✨️ new financial literacy program for Gen Z. Learn more today.

Introducing Art & The City

Discover the ‘Art and the City’ program, bringing together artists on one side and city workers on the other for cross-industry collaboration and learning.

Take Time for TEA

We are seeking companies who are interested in helping to develop the next generation of individual investors, especially Gen Z. Want to help? Please complete our short survey.

TEA Parties

We have been carefully curating our 2024 events and look forward to releasing the program calendar shortly. To get early bird access, and also to gain access to our partners’ events, please sign up

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Access TEA’s inclusive investor engagement questionnaire and toolkit.

TEA’s starter program puts companies in the driving seat on their journeys to greater financial inclusion for all. The program aligns withshare holder democracy without overextending expectations. It features an online grading system created by TEA, and by signing up, companies can clearly steer their message to retail shareholders and other individual stakeholders.

Optimised Collaboration

Revel in the amalgamation of vibrant ideas and collective brilliance. Gain access to our intergenerational individual stakeholder community and engage with next gen investors.

Enhanced Financial Literacy and Inclusion

Propel communities towards financial enlightenment and inclusivity.

Robust Educational Entertainment

Master the art of intergenerational engagement through innovative ‘edutainment’ offerings.

Shaping the financial inclusion agenda. Together.

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Inclusive investor engagement

Creates an environment where different voices are heard and considered to foster transparency, better governance and long-term value creation.

The financial case for engaging retail shareholders

Individuals represent a significant pool of liquidity invested directly in the UK by retail investors. In 2020, UK retail investors held an £261BN of UK shares

Aligning engagement with today’s society

Our view is that consumers are the next generation of investors and financial inclusion positively impacts long-term shareholder value.


The TEA Whitepaper

The white paper highlights the need for greater engagement between companies and their retail shareholders.

Take Time for TEA – Manageable steps towards inclusive IR.

Small steps that leave a major imprint on inclusive engagement while getting your company’s efforts recognised by investors.

TEA Pilot – Corporate change makers

Pioneering the transition to more inclusive investor engagement while serving as a cornerstone in shaping TEA’s industry-leading inclusive investor framework.

Defining investor engagement and other key terms

Creates an environment Clarity is paramount when it comes to shareholder comms. We’re pleased to contribute to this with our definition of key terms.

TEA – Delivering financial inclusion one sip at a time

Creates an environment where different voices are heard and considered to foster transparency, better governance and long-term value creation.

Have a say in the direction of positive change of IR

Achieve your corporate objectives and deliver the ‘S’ in ESG by becoming a TEA corporate member and collaborator in the future of IR.

TEA programs 

Our partners

We are proud to be supported by some of today’s most progressive firms, including our Inaugural Sponsor, Morrow Sodali.

What Is TEA?

TEA is the hub for all things inclusive investor engagement. We are centralising all the information and solutions for aligning companies and individuals on the move to a more democratic investor relationship that increases participation by retail shareholders. This all starts with engagement.

By improving interaction, the corporates’ investment proposition will be better understood by retail investors and share price will not always be subject to irrational downward pressure.

TEA aims to help corporates prepare for greater shareholder participation whilst targeting enhanced financial literacy amongst retail investors and improving their chances of building a successful portfolio.

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We are calling on all companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and Aquis and 1 million individual investors to commit to inclusive investor engagement by December 2025.

My view is that companies should find out what shareholders want and should pursue that goal…”
– Professor Oliver Hart, Nobel Laureate

Our white paper highlights the need for greater engagement between companies and their retail shareholders. It is a must-read for anyone interested in improving corporate governance, stewardship, and overall understanding of today’s diverse investors. We encourage you to access the white paper and learn more about our mission to drive change.

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