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Empower your financial future. Imagine a world where EVERY consumer is also an informed investor. It begins with you! TEA believes in that future, because today’s consumers are tomorrow’s investors, but how do we get there? By demystifying retail engagement and crafting solutions that are both efficient and repeatable. Together, and with the support of our partners such as Moulton Harrox Members and Investor Meet Company, we can pave the way for a true shareholder democracy.

Why join TEA?

At TEA, we envision a future where every consumer is also an enlightened investor. Your journey from being a consumer today to a well-informed investor tomorrow starts here. Dive into a world where every voice is valued, every view is respected, and every generation is empowered!

Become a part of the revolution: By joining TEA, you’re not just becoming a member; you’re becoming a harbinger of change, paving the way for a true shareholder democracy. Help us demystify retail engagement by crafting efficient and repeatable solutions!

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As individual members together, we will:

  • Empower every generation from Gen Z to Baby Boomers.
  • Raise our voices in a true shareholder democracy.
  • Learn & grow as today’s consumer and tomorrow’s informed investor.

Want to be even more involved in our engagement work and connect communities on TEA’s vision of a more financially inclusive and literate society, apply to join our game-changing Ambassadorship Program.

TEA Shareholder Membership

Full membership benefits

Belonging, recognition and access to new learning and networking opportunities

  • Become part of networked community built on mutual support, respect, collaboration and a shared interest in generating positive impact and change.
  • Gain recognition and have your voice heard as a founding member – enjoy many benefits.
  • Receive a prestigious, limited-edition TEA Card, which not only serves to identify you, but it’s also your key for unlocking rewards and entering the digital platform that TEA is building.

Networking and collaboration opportunities

  • Master effective engagement with business leaders: Forge meaningful connections with directors and representatives from a myriad of industries, opening doors to intergenerational and cross-industry collaborations.
  • Career and entrepreneurship development: Propel your career, business, and innovative ideas to new heights with our support and resources.

Proactive participation & special invitations

  • Exclusive access to TEA Programs: Engage in a variety of TEA activities, participate in challenges, host events, and even interview company directors for podcasts.
  • Earn rewards: Your active participation in TEA activities rewards you with points, redeemable towards premium activities and events within TEA and our partners’ programs.

Be part of a collective mission

  • Make your mark by helping us onboard the companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and Aquis, and 1 million UK individual to inclusive investor engagement by December 2025.
  • Participate in the various activities and events for realising our collective agenda.

Pioneering impactful change

  • Advocate for financial inclusion: Play a pivotal role in promoting financial literacy and inclusivity in the community, inspiring a more equitable financial market landscape.
  • TEA Ambassadorship: Embark on an illustrious journey with enhanced mentorship, development support, and a chance to shape TEA’s initiatives.

Comprehensive financial insight & education

  • Practical financial market education: Embark on a learning journey that facilitates and make more engaging the knowledge acquisition process of investing and personal finance
  • Access to innovative training programs: Attain proficiency in engagement and networking with our ‘edutainment’ resources of free guides, courses, webinars and other learning tools.

TEA programs & events

  • Partying for Change: Join a revolutionary movement promoting financial inclusion and peaceful change.
  • Art & The City: Experience the fusion of art and finance, inspiring inclusive creativity via collaborations.
  • TEA Lab & WoCoS: Innovate with TEA Lab and network with professionals through the Women’s Company Secretary Circle.
  • Celebrate achievements with TEA Cups: Get recognised for your inclusive engagement efforts and participate in the assessment and recognition of visionary companies.

Additional perks & privileges

  • VIP access: Get priority access to our in-person events, gaining premium insights, and forging powerful connections.
  • Online hub & community: Stay connected and informed through our web platform and upcoming apps, being part of a vibrant community of likeminded individuals.
  • Global recognition and sharing: Enjoy a platform to showcase your advancements and learnings to a global audience, gaining visibility and credibility.
  • 20% discount on subscription to Moulton Harrox Members, an investment research and engagement platform for individual investors
  • 24/7 assistance and support: Anytime you need us, we’re here to support you on your journey.

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