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The TEA ambassadorship program

The Ambassadorship Program by TEA – The Engagement Appeal is meticulously designed for those located in the UK, including students, recent graduates, retirees, and anyone with a zest for learning and a passion to bridge communities. 

The TEA ambassadorship program

Our ambassadorship is the gateway to financial empowerment generated by mutual understanding and learning between companies and individuals.

By joining as an individual member, you gain access to pragmatic financial education and training that enfranchise you to engage and network meaningfully with company directors and representatives, thus, benefiting from intergenerational and cross-industry collaboration. Additionally, career, business, and entrepreneurship development support are also available, along with exclusive access to our dynamic online hub and community, both via web and upcoming apps.

TEA provides an enriching platform to actively participate in various activities such as events, webinars, and training programs, offering VIP access and regular polling. By engaging more with TEA activities, members earn reward points, redeemable towards premium activities and events within TEA and our partner’s initiatives.

Our esteemed ambassadorship program further elevates your experience with TEA, offering enhanced mentorship, advanced development support, and a superior say in TEA’s premium events and activities. It is not just a program; it is a movement towards a united and inclusive community, emphasising the importance of inclusive financial markets.

So, if you possess a keen interest in learning and connecting communities and aspire to be a beacon of financial inclusion and literacy, TEA’s Ambassadorship Program is the golden opportunity for you. Apply now and let’s commence this journey towards a harmonious and inclusive future together!

Who we are

TEA is the vibrant for inclusive investor relations, where companies and individuals coalesce to promote inclusive financial markets.

Our ecosystem is rich with information, resources, and aggregation of cutting-edge technology designed to facilitate investor engagement through innovation, collaboration, ‘edutainment’, and impactful people-powered solutions.

And our mission?

To harmonise the interests of companies and individuals, and to create a more equitable, inclusive, and enlightened financial landscape.

TEA - Who we are

Who is this opportunity for?

Whether you’re a student, a recent graduate eager for real-world experience, a retiree willing to share a wealth of knowledge, or an investment enthusiast keen to deepen your understanding of financial markets, the illustrious TEA Ambassadorship Program opens its doors to all individuals from all walks of life who are interested in personal finance, investing and the positive impact that business and finance could deliver to people and the planet.

Students & Recent Graduates

Immerse yourselves in the world of inclusive engagement, gain invaluable real-world experience, and connect with a diverse community of professionals.


Imbue our community with your wealth of knowledge while continuing to learn and impact the new age of inclusive financial markets!

Investment Enthusiasts & Learners

Deepen your understanding, share your insights while acquiring new ones, and magnify your skills in financial markets.

TEA Ambassador - Embark on a journey of impact!

Embark on a journey of impact!

As a TEA Ambassador, you are more than a member; you’re a harbinger of change, a community leader redefining the norms of investor and stakeholder engagement. You’ll connect, collaborate, and champion a more equitable, inclusive, and enlightened financial landscape.

Through our program, you will bridge communities under the flag of knowledge and collaboration, fostering a networked community of learning, impact, and vibrant dialogue.

Exclusive benefits & rewards

Community leadership – empowerment

Become instantly recognised as a leading change maker and your immediate community and the wider TEA network. Leverage this recognition to positively impact your other endeavours.

Influential voice and premium access to TEA activities

Shape TEA’s trajectory by exercising your opinions in our initiatives and enjoy privileged presence in high-profile events and premium activities.

Personalised mentorship and continuous development support

Elevate your journey with insights from inspiring professionals and carefully constructed training sessions, ensuring your growth both personally and professionally.

Unparalleled learning opportunities via our meticulously curated courses and training programs

Immerse in practical financial market education and specialised programs, learning from industry experts and utilising novel techniques and technologies.

Community connection and collaboration

Forge meaningful relationships and unite disparate communities under the banner of inclusive engagement, collaboration and contributing to the delivery of financial inclusion and literacy for all.

Rewarding engagement and VIP experiences

Accumulate rewards points through your active participation, redeemable for exclusive events within TEA and our partner programs and enjoy front-row seats to our offerings.

Embark on this transformative journey. Sign up today

Be the change and illuminate the importance of diversity in financial markets! Spread the joy and significance of inclusive financial markets by uniting communities under the banner of knowledge, collaboration, and ‘edutainment’. Let’s harmonise the interests of companies and individuals and write the future together.

Become an individual member of TEA

Gain unparalleled access to financial education, engagement training, and exclusive networking opportunities, contributing to and benefiting from our diverse offerings.

Engage & accumulate

Dive into TEA activities, earn points, and leverage them for premium experiences, ensuring your voice is not just heard but amplified.

Apply for the Ambassadorship Program

Apply now and leverage the many opportunities awaiting you as a TEA ambassador!

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