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FinGlitz Human Impact Index

What do UK Investors Think, Feel and Do?

TEA Whitepaper

Dive into the minds of UK investors in the first research paper from our brand-new financial education platform, FinGlitz!

We surveyed over 1,000 UK investors, spanning Gen Z to Baby Boomers, to find out about their investment behaviours, preferences, and the challenges they face.

Explore topics including:

  • The types of investments held by different generations
  • Attitudes towards involvement in AGMs
  • Investment priorities
  • Where different generations go for information about their investments
  • Which generation is leading the charge in demanding companies do better for their investors and the planet
Driving positive change in UK markets and beyond lies in the hands of businesses and their ability to empower the next generation of investors. Join us in championing financial literacy for all, one step at a time!

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