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Winter WoCos 2023: TEA Speaks to GenZs and Industry Professionals About the Next Generation of Investors

Dec 11, 2023 | Corporates

Late this November, The Engagement Appeal (TEA) hosted a Winter WoCos panel, sponsored by Link Group. The event was a highly diverse and multigenerational cross section of those with significant experience in the industry, and those at the beginning of their investment journey. Key topics for discussion were current investment trends, and the impact of technology on the finance world.

The intro panel of speakers was comprised of three TEA Ambassadors (Niam Patel, Emmeline Armitage, Joseph Vambe), and Founding & Managing Director at Better Boards, Dr Sabine Dembkowski. The panel was chaired by TEA’s founder Sheryl Cuisia, who guided the speakers in topics such as investing in the age of social and digital media, as well as the need for financial education.

Entrepreneurship Ambassador Niam Patel spoke of his personal experience with investing at a young age, providing a great example of the potential success involved with investing early in life. Artist and Education Ambassador’s Emmeline and Joseph added to the discussion that many younger investors are heading to TikTok to learn about investing, where false information is easily spread on a large scale and the information is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The evening’s Keynote Panel then took to the stage, and consisted of Head of Marketing & Investor Relations at Aquis Exchange PLC, Adele Gilbert; PR Manager at Interactive Investor Camilla Esmund, Brand Manager at Peel Hunt, Maddie Albon; Head of UK Public Company M&A at Hogan Lovells, Patrick Sarch; and Company Secretary at Crest Nicholson PLC, Penny Thomas. The panel was chaired by Director in Business and Development Marketing at Link Group, Kristine Berry-Trow. 

The panel’s combined experience and industry awareness led them through a range of fascinating topics such as the influence of social media and digital marketing on investment trends, and the ‘cultural shift’ we are currently facing in the world of investor relations. They also spoke at length about the lack of financial education, echoing our intro panel in feeling that this was the key to unlocking a future where shareholders, employees and individuals can understand finance, and actively engage with companies. 

Please head to the TEA website for more information on WoCos, investor relations and financial education.

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