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TEA Launches Corporate Engagement Initiative to Foster Financial Literacy

Jan 30, 2024 | Corporates

In a leap towards enhancing financial literacy, we at The Engagement Appeal (TEA), are unveiling a new corporate engagement initiative, aimed at fostering more positive relationships between companies and individual investors, for the benefit of society and financial markets. 

Recent data from the Office for National Statistics underscores the influence of UK retail investors, who collectively own shares in UK companies valued at a staggering £261 billion. Notably, the younger generation, with 60% of Gen Z, holding or having held an investment in at least one company, is emerging as a formidable force in individual investing. 

Our objective is to leverage this influence to drive a societal transformation, which we hope will not only propel economic growth but also further principles of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance.

We’re kicking off the initiative with a focus on 100 companies, inviting them to share their current engagement practices and outlining the benefits of deepening this connection. 

The initiative is propelled by the belief that aligning shareholders and companies can yield superior outcomes for both entities and contribute to a more engaged and informed society.

Nick Hargrave, Founder of MHM and a member of TEA’s Informal Committee, articulates the vision behind this initiative, stating, “the hope for this increased interplay between companies and individuals is a society that is more engaged in corporate matters, and therefore more interested in participating in capital markets and helping the UK economy grow, while respecting the environment, society, and good governance.”

The first 100 companies selected for our engagement initiative have been identified as the most compelling UK-quoted investment opportunities. 

Moulton Harrox Members (MHM), an individual investing and engagement firm, played a pivotal role in this selection process. Its Founder, Nick Hargrave, continues to emphasise TEA’s mission to drive positive change in investor relations, particularly for Gen Z investors. Hargrave shares that, “we believe aligning shareholders and companies will bring better results for the company and wider society.”

Our commitment to financial inclusion extends beyond the corporate realm, aiming to improve outcomes for both companies and investors, with a focus on ethical, societal, and governance (ESG) factors. Our vision is to engage with a broad spectrum of UK-listed companies, and at least one million individuals by December 2025.

We’re keen to take a hands-on approach to fostering better financial literacy and engagement between investors and businesses. This first step will enable us to understand current investor engagement practices and identify areas for improvement. 

Ultimately, as we build out our corporate and investor engagement activity, we hope to move towards a future where financial literacy is a cornerstone of societal progress.

We hope to empower businesses to commit to driving positive change in the world of investor relations, encouraging collaboration and reshaping the financial landscape.

Watch this space, we’re just getting started!

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