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Vividata is a technology startup using AI to revolutionize how businesses make decisions, founded on  technical expertise from Cambridge University and Imperial College. Vividata builds bespoke AI  solutions that are tailor-made for each client’s unique data and operational challenges. Vividata helps  companies to unlock the value of their existing data, unearthing deep insights and powering  competitive edge.  

Value is delivered through a thorough process of data analysis, customized model training, and  strategic implementation, ensuring AI integration is directly aligned with each client’s specific  business objectives. 

Vividata achieves this by building cutting edge models from the ground up, which seamlessly  transform corporate data to intuitive and actionable strategic decisions. Working with Vividata, firms  can develop independent AI capabilities, whilst retaining all the benefits of continuous improvement  that outsourced tools or services do not provide.

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