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We are gearing up for the first Investor Engagement Festivals with The Biggest Shareholder Event Ever, which we are earmarking for 31 January as a starter virtual event. We expect this to be an unprecedented assembly of companies and investors – a revolutionary convention designed to provide retail shareholders unparalleled access to PLCs. The festival will seek to create a comprehensive platform for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and Aquis, as well as brokers, fintech, and advisory firms to exhibit their strengths and offerings ‘under one roof’ to thousands of in-person and online attendees.

Key features

  1. Hybrid Participation: The event welcomes up to 5,000 in-person guests and caters to a wider audience, with the capacity to host up to 50,000 online participants via platforms such as Investor Meet Company, SparkLive and Lumi ensuring an inclusive experience.
  2. Diverse Exhibitor Presence: It’s not just about stocks and bonds; attendees can explore alternative investing and new asset classes like collectibles – rare plants, sports cards, digital art, and NFTs.
  3. Informative Panels and Networking Activities: The event serves as a hub for knowledge exchange, featuring speakers, panels, and a plethora of networking activities, encouraging engagement and discussions between companies and investors.
  4. Festival-Type Atmosphere: Beyond formal interactions, enjoy an array of festival-type activities adding a zest of fun to the profound experience.
  5. Web 3 Integration: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the event incorporates Web 3 elements, ensuring a future-ready experience.

Member benefits

  1. Enhanced Learning Opportunity: Retail shareholders can acquire extensive insights and knowledge about the companies they are invested in or interested in.
  2. Broadened Investment Horizon: The event exposes attendees to diverse investment avenues, providing them with more informed investment choices and strategies.
  3. Strengthened Networks: Enables direct interactions between companies and investors, fostering relationships and building strong networks within the capital market community.
  4. Accessibility and Inclusion: The hybrid model allows for wider reach and participation, ensuring that interested attendees from around the world can be part of the event.
  5. Innovation Showcase: It serves as a test pilot for single-company AGM Festival, showcasing innovations and advancements in the market space.

Why investor festivals?

The Biggest Shareholder Event Ever is not just another conference; it’s aspiring to be a monumental experience designed to bridge the gap between companies and retail shareholders, ensuring informed investment, profound knowledge acquisition, robust network building, and a holistic experience blending business acuity with festival zest.

Whether you are an ardent investor, a business enthusiast, or just exploring the multifaceted world of investments, this event promises a wealth of experiences and insights, all in one place!

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