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Art and the City: Company Secretary Ruth Odih Talks of Business Policy and Ballroom Dancing

Jan 15, 2024 | ArtXCity, Investors

The meeting point of art and commerce is an ever-changing and chimeric point of interaction. What place does art have in the world of finance? How can young, savvy individuals learn to secure their footing in the world of work through smart investment? What advice do successful entrepreneurs have for the youth of today about finance, culture, and belief in the self? These are all questions ‘Art and the City’ seeks to answer, by interviewing some of the brightest and boldest minds in both the art world and the city. 

For the third episode of Art and the City, The Engagement Appeal was thrilled to host a conversation between Emmeline and Company Secretary and Ruth Odih, whose work within Centrica and the Women’s Company Secretary Circle is a great inspiration to those who wish to progress in the worlds of business and finance. 

Ruth began by explaining the role of the Company Secretary, and her work for corporations such as Compass Group PLC, and Centrica. She addressed her unconventional route into the role, and elaborated that it was the precision and care of her legal notes whilst studying law that got her recognised, and subsequently recommended for work within the business world. Her passion for company policy and corporate behaviour have led her into an extremely fulfilling career. 

As a key member of WoCos, Ruth also spoke on the joys of having a female-inclusive support network as she began her career. She emphasised the importance of vibrancy and diversity within that network, and the power of community in showcasing women excelling in their career paths. 

How does she switch off from it all? With art! Ruth is a passionate advocate for creativity as a means of disengaging with stress and being present in the moment. Her work with dance, spoken word, and blogging enable her to activate different parts of the brain that she uses in her day-to-day. She fervently maintains that life is worth living, and that individuals should be bold, brave, and do what they can to make the world a better place to live in.

Listen to the full episode here.

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