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NEDA – Non-Executive Directors’ Association

The Non-Executive Directors’‚Äč Association, NEDA, is committed to build, promote and support high quality, effective and responsible corporate governance. For companies to be fit to take on the challenges of the 21st century, we need highly qualified NEDs coming from a wider gene pool, but also an ability to effectively embed diversity of thought in the board room to genuinely reflect all stakeholders in society.

We are a member organisation established in 2007 to represent NEDs and raise the quality of their performance by supporting them through training, education, mentoring and research as part of their continuing professional development throughout all stages in their career.

We support organisations across all sectors by evaluating and building effective boards, but also developing and integrating training programs to support and retain executive talent coming through to board level. We are determined to make a real shift in the quality of board of governance and are working with policy makers, institutes, universities, corporates, the investor community and diverse interest groups across all sectors.

We believe that it is only through collaborating we can make a real shift in creating boards that genuinely are relevant and effective to govern and survive in the world we live in today.

To stimulate thought and encourage involvement we run a series of events throughout the year focused on current and future topics, a popular debate every October and is a co-founder of the annual NED awards taking place every March.

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