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Young Investors Unleashed: How you can seize control and transform the investment game

Feb 6, 2024 | Investors

If you’ve taken your first steps into the investing world, you’ve likely encountered companies that feel like distant entities, detached from the concerns and aspirations of their shareholders – that’s you. It’s time to discuss why young investors shouldn’t accept the current status quo and how we’re leading a movement for change.

Let’s be honest – most companies aren’t actively engaging with their investors about crucial decisions, changes, or new appointments. Communications often feel like an afterthought, a mere checkbox exercise to avoid trouble. This lack of transparency isn’t good for you, the investor. Whether you’ve invested a little or a lot, it’s your money, and you deserve to be well-informed and actively engaged. How can you have faith in long-term investments if you’re kept in the dark?

But fear not, you’re not powerless. You don’t have to accept this lack of engagement. You play a crucial role in our mission for more accountability from boards and directors, pushing them to act in the best interests of shareholders like you.

In a recent episode of our podcast (Art x City), Nick Hargrave, the founder of the individual investing and engagement firm Moulton Harrox Members, and an informal member of TEA’s Committee, highlighted a real problem in smaller public companies. With agility and flexibility, these companies could do better, but a lack of investor relations skills on boards often holds them, and their investors, back. Board members can become complacent, failing to challenge the business to improve.

Nick shares our key belief, that the power lies in the hands of the investor. It’s not unrealistic to imagine a world where the voices of young investors are not only heard but actively sought after.

A powerful way to make your voice heard is by attending Annual General Meetings (AGMs). Yes, those seemingly dull gatherings where executives discuss financial reports and shareholders often feel like passive spectators. But here’s the twist – you can break that mould. Attend AGMs, ask questions, and be an active participant in this movement for change.

Young investors, armed with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, can be the catalyst for a shift in how companies engage with their shareholders. You have the right to demand answers and actively participate in shaping the future of the companies you invest in.

Hopefully we’ve got you onboard and fired up…! But, you may ask, why are we so passionate about empowering Gen-Zers? Why not older investors who may have more to lose (financially) from poor engagement?

Your financial journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Starting early isn’t just good financial advice; it’s a powerful strategy for influencing the direction of the companies you choose to invest in. Your early involvement can set the tone for a more inclusive, transparent, and accountable corporate culture.

So, let’s not settle for the status quo. Attend AGMs, ask tough questions, and demand accountability. Together, we can reshape the future of investing, creating a financial landscape that truly values the contributions and aspirations of every shareholder. The power to drive change is in your hands – seize it!

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