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Nick Hargrave on Investment Strategy, and How to Enact Change in the City

Jan 31, 2024 | ArtXCity, Investors

The meeting point of art and commerce is ever-changing and hard to define. What place does art have in the world of finance? How can young, savvy individuals learn to secure their footing in the world of work through smart investment? What advice do successful entrepreneurs have for the youth of today about finance, culture, and belief in the self? These are all questions ‘Art and the City’ seeks to answer, by interviewing some of the brightest and boldest minds in both the art world and the city. 

In this week’s episode, we speak to the founder of Moulton Harrox Members, Nick Hargrave, who simultaneously helps individuals to learn about bold and smart investment, whilst promoting positive change in the city through shareholder engagement. Nick is an informal member of The Engagement’s Appeal’s Committee, and so this episode functions as a perfect introduction to him and his involvement with social ventures. 

Nick begins by describing his introduction to the city as an extension of his desire to work in a stable career path, with opportunities for progression and a fast-paced lifestyle. After graduating, he emerged into the world of corporate finance with a job at Rothchild, which he found in a paper advertisement. He spent over 10 years in the role, eventually branching out on his own, and finding newfound pleasure in looking for interesting businesses and companies to invest in. From that point onward Nick prioritised his understanding of shareholder rights and investor communication, eventually founding Moulton Harrox Members working with boards, to give power back to individual investors.

When asked about what change he’d like to see in the city Nick states that he would like to see more accountability for boards and directors to be acting in the best interests of their shareholders. He claims that companies are not doing enough at the top to push their businesses forward with the desires of stakeholders and shareholders in mind. He therefor encourages individuals to attend AGMs, to ask questions, and be involved in the movement for a wholesale change in engagement within the city.

His best financial advice? Start early!

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