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Corporate Constructivism – the new mission for AGMs

May 8, 2024 | Corporates, News, TEA Insights

In today’s business calendar, Annual General Meetings (AGMs) should be pivotal touchpoints for companies to effectively engage with their shareholders. As corporate leaders, it’s paramount to consider reimage AGMs to make them more accessible and engaging for retail investors. 

The Engagement Appeal (TEA) and it’s soon-to-be-launched financial education platform, FinGlitz, is on a pioneering mission to transform investor engagement, starting with reinventing the AGM. 

At TEA our founder, Sheryl Cuisia, is well on the way to purchasing shares in every listed company in the UK and will attend as many AGMs as possible. By attending and actively engaging in AGMs we can learn which companies are taking the opportunity to make the best use of face-to-face meetings with the individuals who are investing in them.   

We want companies to actively engage in these forums and see them as an opportunity to share best practices.  It is also an opportunity to constructively encourage companies falling short to step up their game.  

Sheryl has shares in around 700 UK companies and can talk about the journey so far, why she’s doing it and the work of The Engagement Appeal which has the aim to help both companies and individuals achieve more inclusive investor engagement through constructivism and inter-generational collaboration – particularly getting Gen Z on board with investing.

The Imperative for Accessibility to Retail Investors: 

  1. Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement: By making AGMs more accessible to retail investors, companies can foster a culture of inclusivity and transparency, strengthening stakeholder relations and building trust in their governance practices. 
  2. Democratising Investor Participation: Reimagining AGMs to accommodate retail investors’ questions, feedback, and perspectives enables a democratisation of shareholder communication, driving meaningful dialogue and alignment of interests. 
  3. Strategic Value Creation: Leveraging AGMs as platforms for interactive engagement with diverse shareholder groups, including retail investors, not only enhances corporate accountability but also unlocks opportunities for strategic value creation and sustainable growth. 


TEA’s Mission and the AGM Journey Ahead: 

As TEA embarks on its mission to acquire shares across UK-listed companies and actively engage in AGMs, we aim to shine a light on the transformative power of accessible, inclusive shareholder interactions. TEA’s vision resonates with the essence of modern corporate governance, emphasising the need for companies to embark on a journey of reinvention to embrace evolving shareholder expectations and promote long-term value creation. 

Key Components of Reinventing AGMs: 

  1. Transparency and Accessibility: Embracing transparency and accessibility in AGMs facilitates open dialogue, empowers retail investors, and fosters a culture of shareholder participation. 
  2. Responsive Engagement: Promoting responsive engagement with retail investors during AGMs demonstrates a commitment to shareholder interests, strengthens investor trust, and paves the way for collaborative decision-making. 
  3. Innovation and Inclusivity: Embracing innovation and inclusivity in AGM practices not only enriches the shareholder experience but also positions companies as progressive stewards of shareholder value and corporate responsibility. 


Future Perspectives and Collaborative Engagement: 

At TEA, we’re redefining the narrative around AGMs to instill a culture of accessibility, transparency, and stakeholder-centric governance. By joining hands with organisations like TEA on this transformative journey, we can collectively drive shareholder empowerment, strategic value enhancement, and sustainable corporate prosperity through reimagined AGMs. 

Reinventing AGMs to make them more accessible and engaging for retail investors represents a strategic imperative for corporate evolution and stakeholder value creation. As we embrace this journey, let us embark on a path of collaborative engagement, innovation, and inclusivity to shape the future of shareholder relations and corporate governance in a rapidly evolving business landscape. 

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