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TEA collaborates with Aplanty to launch botanical #finlit program

Aug 8, 2023 | News

Introducing Aplanty Exchange

Aplanty Exchange is a marketplace where shares in rare houseplants that are owned by acclaimed collectors can be bought (and sold) by members of the Exchange. It is the new social impact project created by Aplanty House x TEA – The Engagement Appeal as part of both social ventures’ commitment to ‘edutaining’ the UK public about financial literacy.


How will it work?

  1. Everyone who attends The Rare Plant Market on 12 August will receive an Aplanty Exchange Card (the ‘APEXX Card’), which will give you founder membership in Aplanty Exchange. This is a limited edition offer and it’s FREE! The offer won’t be free for long, and your physical APEXX Card will have a digital value, so hold on to it.
  2. Membership in APEXX comes with many benefits, including those listed below. As our network grows, expect the perks to grow along with it.
  3. Your card will be loaded with one FREE* credit to buy shares in any of the @sherylinmotion rare plants available via Aplanty Exchange and on display at The Rare Plant Market. Share prices will range from 30p to 300p (£3.00) per share. So, for a fraction of the full price of a unicorn plant, you can have a share in one or several of sherylinmotion’s plants for FREE!!!
  4. Your free credit is valid to use on 12 August. If you do not you use it on the day, you will have another 28 days to redeem it online at any of the Aplanty brand’s websites, including A Plant Prescription and Planted Addiction.
  5. When you have used up your free credit and want to buy more shares in more plants, you can do so by paying the current share price. You can buy as many shares as you wish per plant up to a maximum of 30% of all the shares available in each of the plants. All your share purchases will be logged onto our secure online system, which you can access any time.

What are the benefits of APEXX founder membership?

APEXX membership comes with many benefits, including:

  • A limited edition APEXX Card – You will receive one of only 500 personalised cards (made of recycled plastic) that will grant you an online equivalent in the form of digital token and art when Aplanty Exchange release these at the end of 2023.

  • Early bird invitation to Aplanty House and TEA events.

  • Free entry to paid Aplanty and TEA events through to 31 March 2024.

  • 50% off the ticket price of paid Aplanty and TEA events after 31 March 2024.

  • One free Aplanty supper club or afternoon TEA in London or North Cambridgeshire between August 2023 and 31 July 2024.

  • 30% off overnight stays at Aplanty House North Cambridgeshire.

  • Invitation and free attendance to the quarterly houseplant investing update, where a detailed review, analysis and discussion on the performance of your investee plants will take place in person in London or North Cambridgeshire and online.

  • Invitation and access to the weekly live stream of your investee plants.

  • Weekly / fortnightly newsletters.

  • Invitation to join the Aplanty Exchange Forum and Houseplant Investing Committees where you can have a bigger say and involvement in the care and direction of your investee plants.

  • 10% discount to use on purchases of plants, substrates and accessories at any of the Aplanty House brand shops, including A Plant Prescription, Planted Addiction and From The Roots Up.

  • Automatic founder membership in TEA and its Partying for Change activities.

  • Aplanty Exchange and TEA ‘edutainment’ resources to help you on your botanical and personal investing journeys.

  • Much more to follow!

Importantly, through fractional share ownership of rare plants that are already in the UK and that have been growing locally over at least the last 12 months instead of being imported, you can help off-set the carbon emitted by flying plants to the UK to be sold in box stores and online plant retailers.


Our upcoming event

Saturday August 12th 2023

The Hackney Social
London, E8 1DU


Please join us this Saturday 12 August from 10am at The Hackney Social for the botanical extravaganza of the year!

Not only will your eyes be greeted by the sexiest ‘rare’ plants to take home, but you will also be treated to a fresh and innovative way of collecting rare houseplants that comes with many benefits – both socially and environmentally.

For tickets, click here.

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